Enterprise Ready LLM Deployments

PromptGuardian can help you deploy the newest LLM technologies like ChatGPT with a secure, enterprise-ready deployment!

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Unlock your company with AI

PromptGuardian has enterprises features required by regulatory and IT security teams for easy deployment of LLM-based applications such as ChatGPT within your enterprise. Register to discuss your needs with us!

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SAML and OpenID Connect integration

PromptGuardian comes with SAML and OpenID integration out of the box to allow enterprises to integrate their IdP solutions seamlessly

Audit trails

Audit trail is essential in the enterprise; we feature a full audit trail with customizable rules to secure usage of LLMs for enterprise users and flag up any suspicious activity

Geographically distrubted

For data governance purposes, we can choose the region in which your instance of PromptGuardian is hosted.


We go through regular security audits to make sure your deployment is secure

Easy to use

We expose a simple ChatGPT-like interface for internal users

Self-hosted option available

Depending on your needs we can deploy a version in your cloud/corporate network

API Access

PromptGuardian also allows audited, enterprise-friendly API Access for use in internal applications

Customer support

We provide customer support and onboarding programs

Use case
Use case
Government and Legislation
Use case
Audit and compliance
Use case
Financial institutions
Use case
Data and Security Compliance
Use case
Alerting and monitoring

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